Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beautiful autumn day with my family

Today my older sister and my niece came over from Denmark, so me and mom spent the day with them. A tripp out in natur and some celebrating my niece whom had a birthday in the beginning of September (actually, we both had, she is born on my 24th birthday). It was a really nice day, calm and exactly what I needed after yesterdays court day and extreme headache. Only thing that went wrong today was the fact that I was so tired from being so emotionally drained yesterday so I slept way to heavily, not waking up when mom called and making everyone freak out out of worry for me, but it all turned out ok in the end, I was after all only sleeping.. and sleep is something I want to do now as well, I'm still tired and not fully recovered from yesterday, and the fact that I have had heavy period pain the entire day hasn't helped, so I will soon crawl down in my bed, maybe do some reading before I fall asleep.

Sorry for not having anything more exciting to talk about, here you got some pictures from today instead.

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